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Transform your living space or business into a haven of holograms from Holodazzle™

Holodazzle 5D Holographic projector
Holodazzle 5D Holographic projector
Holodazzle 5D Holographic projector
Holodazzle 5D Holographic projector
Holodazzle 5D Holographic projector
Holodazzle 5D Holographic projector
Holodazzle 5D Holographic projector

Holodazzle 5D Holographic projector

  • WiFi. Super Bright, App Enabled

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HOLODAZZLE 5D Hologram Fan: Revolutionize Your Space

Introducing the HOLODAZZLE 5D Hologram Fan, a groundbreaking leap forward in holographic display technology. Designed to mesmerize and engage, this innovative device transforms any space into a dynamic visual experience. Whether for your home, office, or event, the 5D Hologram Fan offers unparalleled clarity, depth, and vibrancy, bringing your visions to life in ways you never thought possible.

Key Features:

• Vivid 5D Displays: Experience the future of visual entertainment with stunning 5D imagery that floats in mid-air. Our hologram fan produces crisp, lifelike animations and images that are visible from all angles, making every viewing a unique encounter.
• Plug & Play Simplicity: Forget complicated setups. The HOLODAZZLE 5D Hologram Fan is designed for ease of use. Simply mount the fan, plug it in, and use the intuitive HOLODAZZLE app to control and customize your displays. It’s that easy.
• Customizable Content: Unleash your creativity with the ability to create and upload your own images and animations. Whether it’s a logo, message, or piece of art, the hologram fan brings your content to life in three-dimensional splendor.
• Energy Efficient: Designed with sustainability in mind, our fan consumes minimal power, making it an eco-friendly addition to your home or business. Enjoy breathtaking displays without the breathtaking electric bills.
• Durable and Safe: Built to last, the HOLODAZZLE 5D Hologram Fan is made with high-quality materials and features a protective cover to ensure safety without compromising on the holographic effect.
• Wide Application: Perfect for home decor, advertising, events, and educational purposes, the hologram fan provides an unforgettable visual element that captivates and fascinates audiences of all ages.

Product Details:

• Dimensions: 65cm (Diameter)
• Resolution: 1600 x 1600
• Viewing Angle: 360°
• Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB
• Compatible with: iOS, Android, Windows

In the Box:

• 1 x HOLODAZZLE 5D Hologram Fan
• 1 x Mounting Bracket
• 1 x Power Adapter
• 1 x User Manual
• Free access to the HOLODAZZLE App

Transform your environment with the HOLODAZZLE 5D Hologram Fan — where innovation meets imagination, and your space becomes a canvas for the extraordinary. Dive into a new dimension of display, and let your space tell a story that’s uniquely yours. Welcome to the world of HOLODAZZLE, where your visions take flight.

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